About Us


Power Partner Solar is a registered company which install and maintain domestic and commercial solar energy systems.

We specialize in Photo Voltaic solar panel systems and battery storage, which drives the power supply to your home.

We have been installing, supplying and maintaining solar energy systems for more than fifteen years now and may well be considered experts in the field.

Not only do we install these systems, but we can advise and source them as well. By doing everything, from the design and engineering to the installation and maintenance, we can help you, the customer, save money.

We regularly save our customers between 15-25% on the cost of design and installation of their solar energy systems, because we know the best suppliers and can get a trade discount from them. This is a discount that we pass on to our customers – unlike other firms.

Because we offer the complete package, in terms of planning, design, installation and aftercare, you, the home owner can be reassured every step along the way is being taken care of.

By choosing us you can be assured of a quality installation, as well as maintenance on a regular – or one off – basis.



But this is only one half of our business. We are also installers and servicers of furnaces and HVAC systems, for both our domestic and commercial customers alike.

The service that most of our customers use and come back to, time and again, is the maintenance and cleaning of their furnaces and HVAC systems.

This is because we offer such expertise and value for money. We can beat the quotes of any other local firm.

Don’t take chances with fly by night duct cleaning companies, we have been in business for fifteen years for a reason!