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Get Your Furnace And HVAC System Ready For The Winter

By Susan | December 19, 2017 | Comments Off on Get Your Furnace And HVAC System Ready For The Winter

The HVAC system in your home is something that you probably don’t give a lot of thought to on a day to day basis. That is, until something goes wrong with it.


And in the deep chill of a Canadian winter, this is something that you really do not want happening. Fortunately, there are plenty of decent firms in Edmonton that specialize in cleaning furnaces and HVAC systems in general.

It is not only your comfort that maintaining your furnace and HVAC system is important for. It could be the difference between ensuring the safety and health of your household. Can you really afford to be without heat and hot water in the bleak midwinter?

And for the business owners amongst you, it is even more important to maintain your HVAC system. A broken system, especially in the winter could mean closing the premises and lost work days.

For some businesses, this could spell disaster. And it is not just a broken-down HVAC in the winter months that means catastrophe. Living -and working – without air conditioning in the summer months is no better either. When the stifling heat is upon us, having the system functioning at full capacity is every bit as vital.

Even if your system does not completely give way, there may be other signs that it is underperforming.


Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the first thing they will know about something not being quite right with their HVAC system – if it does not fail entirely – is when they fall ill. Or worse still, their entire workforce falls ill.

The air ducts of your HVAC system are responsible for the air that people in your home, your workplace or your office are breathing.

And if they are in need of a clean, then this could mean mold, fungi, bacteria as well as simple dust and dirt being blown around your home or office.

For anyone who is an asthmatic, has an allergy (hay fever) or suffers from any other type of respiratory condition, this is bad news for a start.

Then there are the other illnesses that poor or dirty air circulation will not be helping with. Coughs and colds, germs, bacteria can all be spread around by a poorly functioning or dirty air conditioning system.

Worse than that, sometimes these can be serious. Legionnaires Disease is probably the one that is the most well known for being problematic in air conditioning systems.

So, suffice to say, it is not only staying warm in the winter months that maintaining your HVAC system is important for. It is also staying healthy, as well.


For domestic customers especially, it is a good idea to start thinking about the maintenance aspect of having your furnace cleaned and inspected, sometime in the early fall, before the cold begins to bite, than leaving it until disaster strikes – which is always on the coldest day of the year.

A maintenance clean in a timely fashion can prevent both the expense and the cold that comes later on!


It is not only that the furnace or HVAC system may stop working altogether, nor only that it may spread disease or at least promote ill health in your home or workplace.

By becoming dirty your HVAC system is having to work a lot harder. That in turn puts it at risk of mechanical collapse. But did you know that it also could lead to increased energy consumption, as your system will no longer be functioning as efficiently?

To ensure your home or business is warm and healthy this winter, get your HVAC or furnace serviced sooner – rather than later!